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Kenny Bates // 2nd Unit Director, Stunt Coordinator

Interview from Numberonestars.com:

“One of the most dangerous sequences of the film was shot at the end of Interstate 210, currently called the Foothill Freeway. Many film and television companies shoot on this section of the freeway in San Bernardino near the 215 junction because it remains unfinished with no end date in sight as construction seems to stretch further and further eastward. The sequence is one that Bay had in mind since he first accepted the movie – the robots transforming at 80 miles an hour – and he and Bates worked tirelessly to plan a stunt that would surpass Bay’s chase over the MacArthur Causeway (that links Miami with Miami Beach) conceived for “Bad Boys II.”

In the third act, as Megatron realizes that Sam, Mikaela and the Autobots have escaped with the “Allspark,” a chase ensues. Despite thorough planning, the stunt team had only one day to actually test the bus gag.”

In the sequence, stuntman Richard Epper drives the bus as Bates follows in a camera car the crew lovingly calls the “Bay Bomber:” a small, souped-up go-cart that sits low to the ground in order to shoot a vehicle’s first-person point of view.

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